Tracking Assets in iOS using a GPS Singleton

There are a couple of ways to accomplish real time tracking via an iPhone or iPad including dedicated OS apps like Find My iPhone, but what if we need that information integrated into our own systems? One method of accomplishing this is to have the device loaded with an internal “Enterprise” application. They way you implement this application is dependent upon the specific needs of the user. You can restrict the device to single app mode where the Enterprise application is always open and on screen. This would allow the app to consistently update on the current GPS location. Or, if the user needs to be able to multitask and use multiple applications, you will need to include some additional code to allow the GPS monitoring process to continue in the background when the application is not on screen. For the purposes of this blog, we will focus on simply accomplishing the task of GPS monitoring and assume that the application is in the forefront or locked to single app mode.

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